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Why is GA4 better than UA?

Updated on 18 January  

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is ushering in an exciting new era of digital analytics. With its powerful features and intuitive user interface, GA4 makes it easier than ever to gain valuable insights into your web and app data. It’s a great way to track performance metrics, identify trends, measure the success of campaigns, optimise content, and much more. With GA4, you can have a clearer understanding of your users’ activities to better inform your decisions.

Google’s deadline for migrating existing properties to GA4 is quickly approaching, but there’s no need to panic. There are plenty of resources available to help ensure you’re making the most of this transition and taking advantage of all that GA4 has to offer. So don’t wait — start getting up to speed with the new platform today and unlock the power of digital analytics for your business!

Need of Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides detailed insights into the customer journey, allowing you to understand how visitors are interacting with your website. You can track which pages they visit and how long they spend on each page. This helps you to identify any problems that may be causing customers to drop off from a certain point in their shopping experience and make changes accordingly. Additionally, it allows you to tailor content specifically for each visitor, ensuring a more personalised experience. With Google Analytics you can also monitor trends over time, helping you to anticipate customer needs and stay one step ahead of the competition. Ultimately, this leads to an improved user experience and increased sales opportunities. Utilising Google Analytics is key to delivering better results for your business. It’s not just about gathering data – it’s about making sense of the data so that you can take informed action and drive your business forward.

GA4 is better than UA

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is built to provide a smarter, more insightful understanding of customer behaviour. It combines the best of Universal Analytics with new technologies and features like BigQuery Export, Cross-Device Measurement, User-ID Enhanced Measurement, Event Stream Data Integration and Google Signals.

Enhanced Measurement

(Image shows a list of engagements being tracked out of the box)

GA4 makes it easy to get more out of analytics! Just imagine all the time you could save by using GA4’s additional events out of the box. It means that you can quickly start getting valuable insights into how users are interacting with your business and website, without having to spend hours setting up custom events. With GA4, it’s simple and fast to get the information you need.


Exploration Reports in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) are here, and they come with powerful features to help you understand your data better than ever before!

With Exploration Reports, you can quickly gain insights into your website’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Not only that, but these reports are now a built-in feature of GA4, so you don’t have to upgrade to UA360 to access them.

Simplified Data Model

GA4 has revolutionised the way data can be analysed. With the new event-driven model, businesses now have a much greater ability to customise their analytics tracking. This enhanced flexibility allows them to track events that are specific and relevant to their business needs and goals. Not only does this make it easier for companies to collect valuable insights about their customers, but it also provides them with more accurate data that can be used to inform better decision-making.

Cross Domain Tracking

GA4 has made cross domain tracking easier than ever! All you have to do is list the domains and GA4 will take care of the rest. No more complex set-up processes or time-consuming configurations. With GA4, you can easily track interactions across multiple domains in no time! It’s truly a revolutionary way to manage your tracking needs.

Debug View

Debug View is a game-changer for GA4 – it allows users to quickly and easily view their data and debug issues in real-time! It’s incredibly easy to use, so you can be up and running with Debug View in no time. Plus, the insights gained from using Debug View will help you make more informed decisions about your data and how it’s being tracked. So, if you want to get the most out of your GA4 setup, don’t forget to take advantage of Debug View! It could make a world of difference.

Ad hoc funnels

Now, with GA4, it’s so much easier to get the data you need! No longer do you have to worry about painstakingly setting up funnels from the start. You can now create and modify funnels on the fly – allowing for quick and accurate analysis of your data.

Conversion Settings

Creating conversions in GA4 is a much simpler and faster process than in Universal Analytics. All that is required to create a conversion is to toggle the feature on or off, allowing businesses to get up and running with their tracking quickly and easily. Additionally, custom events can be turned into custom conversions with just one click of the toggle. This makes it possible for businesses to track user behaviours and measure their success in real-time. With GA4, they can make faster changes as needed and better understand how users interact with their website or app. All of this goes a long way towards helping businesses reduce costs, improve customer experiences, and drive increased revenue.

Data-Driven Attribution

GA4 offers an advanced and comprehensive approach towards attribution with its data driven attribution model. This model uses complex algorithms to analyse user interactions across different channels and assign credit for conversions, allowing marketers to gain richer insights into their customer journeys. Furthermore, it goes beyond the limited options offered by UA’s default last-click model, enabling a deeper understanding of multi-channel campaigns and a more holistic view of performance. All in all, data-driven attribution with GA4 provides marketers with an invaluable tool that helps them optimise their marketing strategies and build better customer relationships.

Event Segments

Now, you can create segments for events in GA4 to differentiate users based on their engagement with the app or website. This new dimension of segmentation is more powerful than ever before as it enables you to identify user behaviour in a much more granular way. With event segments, you can hone in on specific activities like page views or clicks and target them with tailored messages or track their conversion rates more accurately. With this greater level of detail, you’ll have a better understanding of how users interact with your product, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your marketing efforts.

No Separate View for User-ID Required

(The image shows Avg. Session Duration of users with and without User ID at same time)

GA4 makes it easier to track user data compared to its predecessor UA. With GA4, you no longer have to create a separate view in order to view the User ID information for your website’s visitors. Instead, all the data (both user and non-user) is stored together, making reporting much more convenient and efficient. This is a significant improvement over UA, as it eliminates the need for manual juggling of different views.

One Property for both Web and App

(Image shows options for data streams of both Web and App inside one property)

GA4 offers a much better experience than UA when it comes to analysing data from both web and mobile apps. Unlike UA which requires separate properties to store data from both channels, GA4 unifies the two under one single property. This makes it much easier to analyse data across devices and get a comprehensive view of user behaviour. With GA4, you can access real-time insights into your users’ actions on both your website and your app.

Closing Notes

Get ahead of the competition and get an edge on your analytics with Google Analytics 4! This powerful tool not only allows you to combine data from multiple sources into one property, but it also provides more accurate insights about why visitors are coming to your website or app. With GA4’s enhanced experience and data, you can easily attribute actions taken by users across devices for a better understanding of their journey. We strongly advise all site owners to take advantage of this opportunity now and implement GA4 as soon as possible!

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Certified Google Analytics Consultant

Why GA4?

Get expert insights on GA4 for FREE!

Unlock why Google Analytics 4 is important for increasing your business’s visibility today and have actionable data-driven insights.

Why GA4?

Get expert insights on GA4 for FREE!

Unlock why Google Analytics 4 is important for increasing your business’s visibility today and have actionable data-driven insights.

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